Raid Hailing

「Global Integration」

FMR Car-Hailing offers global, customized transportation solutions, seamlessly integrating top Car-Hailing platforms like Grab, Gett, and Bolt. Users can easily book rides in over 73 countries and regions.

「User-Friendly Access」

Accessible via Mini Programs and Dapps, our services prioritize safety and customer satisfaction.

「Crypto Convenience」

Uniquely, we exclusively support crypto payments, providing a secure and convenient experience for our customers worldwide.

Started in 5 Easy Steps!

Set Up a Crypto Wallet:
Download a cryptocurrency wallet app, set up your wallet, and deposit some cryptocurrency. Use BN mini-programs or Dapps for easier management and transactions.
Register on FMR Car-Hailing:
Create an FMR Car-Hailing account and link your cryptocurrency wallet.
Book a Ride:
Enter your location and destination on FMR Car-Hailing, select a suitable vehicle, and view the estimated cost.
Make Payment:
Pay for your ride on FMR Car-Hailing using Binance Pay or on-chain smart contracts.
Confirm Transaction:
Confirm the transaction in your cryptocurrency wallet and view your payment record on FMR Car-Hailing.